About the Book


Take a journey into the disjointed world of Betts Keating as she tells her story from the set of her Movie Memoir Screenplay Novel. From the height of her sensational arrival in New York City to her painful fall into a grief induced darkness, Betts weaves an unexpected narrative of humor and tragedy worthy of any memoir. Both funny and dark this story covers a multitude of topics:  debilitating injuries…  relocation adventures… the reluctant embrace of all things domestic…  financial distress…  bug infestations…  a crisis of faith…  a child with a major medical condition…  and tiny pink bathrooms… to name a few.

Grab your popcorn, find a comfortable chair and get ready to read/watch the story unfold.


Amazon Customer Reviews:

“I laughed, I cried, I cheered….This book is an amazing true story of triumph over some of the most harrowing life events a woman can ever go through, yet it is told with such a matter-of-fact dry wit that I found myself laughing… You will never look at a woman in a walker the same way again!”

“A moving, satisfying read, filled with a rare blend of humor, wisdom, and courage! … Be ready for the pages to turn themselves. You won’t want to put this book down!”

“… Ms. Keating’s writing is at times funny, deflective, insightful, honest, fearful, entertaining and most of all riveting. I simply could not put down this book.”

“This is a raw and beautiful look inside the stoic mind of someone residing in “valleys” for much of her life. I laughed, related to and shed tears with each new chapter. Betts has shared the most vulnerable part of herself, her life and does it with humility and grace. She is a survivor and finds humor and determination with each circumstance. I highly recommend it!”

“This book is AWESOME! If you have ever thought your life didn’t quite turn out as planned, then this is a must read.”

“This book is a great read. You will NOT be able to put it down. All you want to do the whole time you read it is reach out and give the author a hug. You become a part of it. Great book!”

“Absolutely loved it! An intimate story showing that a person will do absolutely anything for the people they love and the family they have. It defines heroes and miracles. This book shows that ‘the struggle is real’ but that you keep moving ahead.”