It’s Already Out There

The book is still technically in pre-release (although you can order one) it doesn’t actually start printing until my publisher takes it live. Which will be very soon! We are still trying to catch the last of those pesky typos. I’m sure someone out there will still find one, no matter how hard we try!

I had some of my beta readers post reviews just to get the ball rolling. Already, I am floored by the positive feedback. My publisher said that I would eventually get used to reading positive comments about something I wrote, but I actually hope it’s a pleasant surprise every time. 

When I read the review from my sister and I was so moved I totally started crying. A sob fest has been in the making for a few days now. I’ve needed one to release some of this stress and anxiety. It is truly difficult to put your own story out there for all the world to see.

I think that when I read my sister’s review it allowed me the space I needed to let go a little. Her validation is like solid gold. She plays the role of SISTER after all. It’s nice when one of your main characters actually likes your portrayal of them! Anyway… good, bad, ugly, worth reading, pile of drivel… I can’t stop this train from moving. To quote one of my favorites again… “You can’t take it back, it’s already out there!”



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